was so cool ! Staffing yesterday’s event was definitely the highlight of my summer internship with COOKIE!

I met up with Patrice and her assistant Staci. That was the first time we met in person and she is one inspiring person! Just seeing her with this vision of promoting females in business and turning it into a real business herself from the ground up, networking and creating good ties with people really showed me how dedicated she really is. And I so appreciated seeing that especially as a first impression! She may be small, but she doesn’t let people push her around and she truly has a solid mindset to me that see can make anything she wants happen. 

I happened to ask her about why we didn’t get a chance to meet with that one lady, whose name I won’t mention. She basically responded by stressing how important it is to have a team of like-minded people behind you to handle business inquiries and things like that so you won’t have to stress yourself out by trying to do everything. So she never responded back. 

But at Trillectro, Patrice would be so proactive by engaging and targeting women to stop by our table, hand out cute and stylish business cards, having good information ready, and also having cute t-shirts for sale as well as buttons and glow sticks. She also had ties with people that were performing or MCing on stage and told them to shout out the COOKIE table as a promotion too! And after that, a few women came to the table because “they just shouted you guys out and I wanted to see what it’s about!”

She was telling me about how she had gone to Trillectro last year as a spectator just to get a feel of what is was like and deciding if it was a place suitable to launch her first ever promotion for COOKIE. 

With this being the third month of physically pushing the brand, knowing what she wants and how she wants it, her natural ability to network and create ties with anyone with something to offer and her drive will definitely keep her business going in the right direction! THIS is what I hear about all the time and now I’ve had a chance to be in the mix and in a sense, watch someone’s hustle. COOKIE and it’s creator are awesome and I truly wish them all the best!!! <3 

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According to my calculations


Still waiting on Trillectro to send over the final details to her via email. It is a crucial matter and they’re loafing.

But I’ve done about 147 hours over this summer which is exciting!

School is around the corner. Where did the summer go?

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Evaluation + Trillectro


I sent over my employer evaluation for her to fill out and I’ll have it by this weekend. 

Also, I should have official details for Trillectro before Saturday

Let us cross thy fingers.

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Submitted the internship forms for her to fill out ! 

She had such a prompt response,

Bless her heart.

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T-shirt Feedback


The drafts I sent her were far from expectation. They were plain and indifferent but I needed some leads to make them stronger. 

So she mentioned how much she loves FineAssGirls shirt designs. Very hip, curvy, girly font faces and a touch of sex appeal. 

It’s edgy and clean.

I have a lot more paces to pass.

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It’s really the day before Trillectro. 

And I have no idea what’s going on. 

My mom keeps asking me what’s happening and to email her and I’m just sitting here like


it’s not going to happen :(

Sad story.

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Trillectro Graphic


In preparation for Trillectro Event on saturday, patrice wants me to design a graphic that sort of mimics the graphics that they’ve posted on their social medias but to have the one I’ll be designing say something like

"stop by our table at Trillectro".

I want to play with the circle aspects of their aesthetics instead of the opacity changes and cut outs. That just won’t read well in my opinion.

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Trillectro EVENT !!


So I sent over the t-shirt design that I was most happy with and 

she already sent out the first order.

But it’s ok, I’ll just crawl up in a ball and color in a coloring book until I’m needed again.

But more importantly, she asked if I was interested in staffing the COOKIE table at the upcoming Trillectro Event in DC. If nothing else, I’ve learned how to effectively use Twitter and what on Earth a Trillectro is.


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More Feedback?


I didn’t really have a favorite t-shirt until I saw this cute one today that I just fell in love with. It definitely made me want to try to work out these designs even more and I really want to nail it! So I just got situated in the house and these are a couple of roughs I came up with just to get things right or at least in the right direction.

Critique? Thank you!
The email went a little something like that.
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T-Shirt Designing!


Yesterday’s COOKIE chat was an awesome. 

So today, Pat asked me if I wanted to design COOKIE shirts with corresponding phrases:

- I create my OWN opportunities
- #COOKIEchick
- chicks do biz better 
- empowered entrepreneur. 

I agreed in a heartbeat to do the project but the only other t-shirt I’ve designed for someone was in high school for our senior class shirts. 

What makes people want to wear shirts? Will it look ‘Cheesy’? Will it help COOKIE prosper? Will it be portfolio worthy?

I’ve got 99 problems and a t-shirt is one. But not really.

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